We create amazing applications & hosting solutions

We love working with powerful Linux servers, to host websites built with amazing software like WordPress, or applications built with Laravel. Let us take care of your technical needs! Leaving you to focus on what you love!

Our products and solutions are built on our expertise and in-house services …

Powerful Cloud Servers

We use Linux Cloud Servers provided by AWS, GCP, DigitalOcean, Forge, Cloudways, and many others. We carefully select the best option depending on the project or product!

Fully Managed Hosting

A lot of companies do Managed Hosting! But not like we do! Our mission is to provide solutions that take away the worry and stress of managing a technical infrastructure!

Website Support

All of our hosting plans include full support plans! We care for your websites like they were our own! We provide 24/7 Monitoring, Malware Scans, Updates, Backups, and much more!

Agency Licenses

We have agency licenses for a large number of software add-ons, such as WordPress Plugins and Themes. These are all available for our clients who have their websites hosted with us!!

eCommerce Solutions​

We have years of experience of developing eCommerce solutions! This started with a need for in-house solutions for our own projects, and then expanded into helping our clients!


Security is the driving force behind everything we do! From the email services we use, the servers, the software, the services. All carefully selected for their quality and adherence to standards!

Software Development​

We think code is truly poetry! We have many years experience creating websites and applications! We love PHP, Laravel, Go, Python, JavaScript, and even ADA83/95, as well as good old HTML and CSS!

Private Encrypted Email​

We have moved all of our email across to the world class Proton Mail service, which is private and encrypted. We make this service available to our clients who use our hosting!

Training & Tutorials

We love sharing our knowledge! Many of our products include training to get you started. We also love to write guides and tutorials to share the things we love with our community!.

Our Latest Products & Services

WordPress Managed Hosting

Our WordPress Managed Hosting is the ultimate hosting solution for WordPress. We have put a lot of time and effort into combining the best services, themes, and plugins into the perfect package for launching your website!