About Ardenix Systems​

Find out more about us below! We are passionate about every project we do and love providing the best solutions for our clients!

My name is Gary Jordan and I am the founder of Ardenix Systems Ltd. A UK based company specialising in providing cloud services, software development, as well as support and training!

I have spent almost 30 years working with complex computer systems and software! I worked for Rolls-Royce for over 20 years working on complex robotic systems and server systems used to control the engines on the test beds, and to log the test data for later analysis.

Eventually I joined Rolls-Royce Control Systems performing Hardware/Software Integration Testing on the engine control systems, using complex test rigs to simulate the control system being on an aircraft at an altitude of say 30,000ft!

In 2012, after I left Rolls-Royce to become a consultant, I created Ardenix Systems as the business through which I provided Hardware/Software Integration and Verification testing services, as well as other System Engineering services to companies like Rolls-Royce, BAE Systems, GE Aviation, and MTU Aeroengines.

Over the years the world evolved, the tools and techniques changed, things became more automated, teams became more remote, running tests on banks of servers, and as a result I found my love of the Cloud, DevOps, Linux, APIs, Admin Dashboards, becoming a passion!

As a result, over the last few years the services offered by Ardenix Systems have expanded with a focus now on running our own cloud infrastructure so we can take care of our own websites and SaaS applications, as well as provide a full range of cloud based services to clients!

We now offer clients complete solutions. Managed Hosting on our servers for web sites and applications. Full support for WordPress eCommerce sites, for applications built with Laravel. We are even developing our own in-house SaaS applications that will allow clients to easily manage their servers and sites!

Like everyone today we are actively looking at how AI can help us and our clients in an ever changing world! It’s exciting to see where things are heading, and I’m pleased to say that Ardenix Systems will be very much involved!

Gary Jordan – Founder of Ardenix Systems Ltd